Chinese Cruise Entertainment is Booming with SkySea Cruise Line increasing variety of shows on Summer sailings

September 28, 2017

June 26, 2017 - Shanghai, China – SkySea Cruise Line has announced an extensive line-up of star entertainers to enhance its already busy entertainment offering on a number of Summer sailings.  Music Talent -Mr. Li Quan; World Piano Master-Mr. Song Siheng; Crosstalk Combination-Mr. Fang Hedi & Mr. Tai Rongjian; Argentine Singer-Daniela Bessia and The Singing Group of Black Ducks will all be performing on a variety of sailings this Summer.

In the last decade, cruise ship entertainment has moved far away from stereotypical shows of years past and has boasted celebrity entertainment, Broadway style shows and performances that utilize the main theater but also now move to other parts of the ship to entertain guests of all ages at all hours in multiple locations.  In addition, A list celebrities today are actually including cruise ship performances into their annual tour calendar whereas in the past this was only meant for B or C tier celebrities.

Ken Muskat, CEO of SkySea Cruise Line, noted that "Cruise and Entertainment" go hand in hand and is quite popular and appreciated in China.  This is expected to be yet another element of cruising as a vacation experience that will drive popularity and growth of the cruise industry in the China market.

Stars on SkySea Golden Era this Summer

SkySea Cruise Line, the first contemporary cruise line specifically built for the China market, recently announced that, Mr. Li Quan, the famous music talent, who has had excellent performances on a variety of popular TV shows, will hold a personal concert on the SkySea Golden August 24th cruise, performing dozens of popular songs to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day,

Concert tickets will be free to all suite guests as well as guests who book the first 100 balcony staterooms. Other guests will also be able to enjoy this fabulous concert for only $30. During the cruise, SkySea will also organize a music party for the fans of Li Quan, to create a hot music carnival while cruising the open seas.

Besides Mr. Li Quan, many other stars will perform on SkySea Golden Era this summer.  These include world piano master Mr. Song Siheng (GE0712 voyage), famous Argentine singer Daniela Bessia (GE0721 voyage), singing group“black ducks”(GE0803 voyage), and the crosstalk combination Mr. Fang Hedi & Mr. Tai Rongjian (GE0707, GE0712, GE0819 voyages).


Celebrities love SkySea

Experts point out that celebrities love to perform on cruises due to the popularity of cruise travelling.  According to《Cruise Report of China》, guest capacity grew by 70% in China, which is higher than the world average 4.4%.  As of 2015, China become the fourth largest cruise market and has potential to become the second largest cruise market by the year 2020.

The boom in Chinese cruisers has attracted the attention of many industries including the entertainment industry.  Currently, almost all cruises that operate in China are newly renovated or brand new ships with high standard performance equipment, which can accommodate many types of performances.  The performance areas on a cruise ship are more conducive to the interaction between stars and fans, creating a fiery performance atmosphere.


Broad prospects for cruise and entertainment

Ken Muskat, the CEO of SkySea said: “Although we have only just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, we have a history of being a leader in theme cruises and celebrity entertainment”.  SkySea has been fortunate to host the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants as well invited celebrities such as Zhengjun.  In 2016, the Voice of SkySea became very popular amongst our guests and in 2017, SkySea created SkySea Forums where invited experts and celebrities perform onboard every cruise everything from enrichment to entertainment.

Muskat continued“China has a growing market for the cruise industry, and cruise entertainment has become valued by our guests.  The bar keeps being raised, so in the future we will continue to provide more forms of entertainment on board, to satisfy our valued guests.  I believe shortly China will customize its own cruise entertainment culture differentiating it from the rest of the world, which is very exciting” Muskat said.